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Kick Back And Relax at The Ridge Hotel, Lake Geneva

My husband Steve and I recently enjoyed staying at The Ridge Hotel, in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. If you’ve never been to this Southeastern part of Wisconsin and you’re looking for a romantic weekend away, you should be sure to check out Lake Geneva as there is plenty to see and do – winter, spring, summer, […]


Midwest Roadtrippin’: The Lake Superior Circle Tour

Eager to hit the road but not sure where to go on your next Midwestern adventure? There are lots of options for great Midwest United States road trips, and believe me–you’ll see much more than cornfields and cows. So fill up your tank and get ready to go explore…on the Lake Superior Circle Tour. Discover […]

Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty

Wisconsin Dells

A s a child I had the pleasure of visiting Wisconsin Dells on various occasions with my family. Located in south-central Wisconsin ( an hour north of Madison and two hours away from Milwaukee), the Dells remains a popular destination for Midwesterners to escape the hustle and bustle of big city living.  Some of my earliest memories of the Dells include […]