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It’s winter again.

And sometimes as I watch my toddler (hard to even say the word, because it seems like just yesterday my 16-month-old was learning how to crawl) zoom around the house, with the view of the frozen world outside the windows lingering in the background, I can’t help but think about all the things I need do to and want to have done by the onset of summer. As if my life is on hold until then.

There are so many personal writing projects to complete, many more writing assignments to obtain, a possible fledgling business to nurture, a garden to planĀ  …

Tonight I’m sitting here thinking about how often I also feel as if I’m waiting for something bigger to happen. Aren’t we all?

It’s as if I feel until I publish that book or make some sort of “success” out of myself, my life story hasn’t really begun. But I know that’s not true.

Because the greatest story and adventure has been unfolding all along.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

From the moment we are born, until the day we move on from this earth, miraculous, riveting things are happening in our lives. Even the dullest of days hold some trace of adventure and discovery.

Today was a pretty quiet day spent inside. But there was a bit of magic too.

Today my daughter learned how to properly identify eyes and noses. It tugged at my heart strings to see her eyes light up as she touched the nose of her baby doll and pointed to her own nose with understanding.

Today, we danced together in the kitchen, and her laugh of pure joy warmed my spirit. It made me feel like I’m succeeding as a mom.


Today, I successfully made a delicious Mexican lentil chili on the first try. Even though the corn bread I made to go along with it didn’t turn out (at all!), the fact that my husband liked it so much that he asked me to make it again made me feel like I’m doing OK at this wife thing too.

Today, I thought of my younger brother, and how he has been gone for almost a year and a half now. And how he would love the view of the snow-covered fields that surround our old farmhouse, or the way the winter sunset looks over the barn. How he would look at my simple life in the country and tell me how lucky I am. That I am living a great adventure. That I have found success in life.

It is good to have dreams, to strive for greatness. I will never stop aiming for the stars.

But I know I need to remember not to overlook the amazing, beautiful successes and stories happening right under my nose. Something bigger IS happening. Now.

Our lives are happening now. Let’s make the most of them.






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